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Bullet necklace engraved.

Bullet-necklace. Beat fate: If there is a bullet with your name engraved on it: OWN IT!! bullet necklace in a box
7- 62 .com is an online shop that sells necklace bullets engraved with your name. We engrave 7.62 bullets, 9mm, magnum 0.338 and 9mm bullets and add two or more lines of engraving. Just pick your bullet, choose necklace, type in your name, or any text, and pay with credit card. Your bullet necklace will be dispatched that day. You can choose to have your silver bullet as a keyring or with a dog-tag necklace. Our silver plated bullets are genuine bullets that contain no explosives. The full metal jacket is weakened by the engraving and the silver bullets are ballistically unstable and are not safe to fire.


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